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At Opus Partners, each project is unique; each approach is customized. Here’s a sampling of the work we have done:

Technology Services Provider: Organizing for Growth; Putting a Sales Process in Place
A technology services provider lacked an effective sales process. In addition, the company's organizational structure effectively prevented growth, while a few clients dominated the company's energy and time.
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Professional Services: Increasing Sales after a Downturn
One of the top ten professional services firms in its industry had experienced a dramatic downturn in business due to outside events beyond its control. Most of the existing accounts had slowed, or clients had stopped projects in progress.
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Professional Services: Speeding Growth in a Competitive Space
A top professional services firm was struggling to increase growth in a competitive market. In addition, the CEO thought the senior management team was not performing to its full capability.
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Environmental Services: Entering a New Industry Sector
A global chemical engineering and environmental services firm came to Opus Partners for advice on strategies to help them enter a new industry sector. They were one of seven companies targeting this market, which has financial potential of over $700 million.
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Business Marketing Services: Expanding Client Base; Shortening Sales Cycles
A business marketing services firm found itself dependent on one client - 90 percent of its business was from one Fortune 500 company. In addition, sales people were not performing up to expectations, and there was no sales structure in place.
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Consumer Product Services Company: Increasing Prospect Conversion Rates
A consumer product services company came to Opus for help with slow growth.
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Not-for-Profit Organization: Getting Ready for Growth
A large multi-arts facility in New York State needed to improve operations and maximize efficiencies in order to handle the necessary growth that would ensure its ongoing viability.
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